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About the Study


About the Study

What to Expect

If you take part in this 3-month study you and your child will have access to free online child and parent sleep education materials and helpful advice, and learn different strategies to improve your child’s sleep and problem-solve ways to keep your child healthy and developing well. 


During the three  months of the study, we will measure your child’s sleep and health at three different points. We would also collect some information about you, so that we can understand more about what it’s like for parents of children with arthritis. The SLEEPSMART study collects this information about you and your child in several different ways at these time points:


• Online surveys that you and your child would be asked to fill out about sleep habits and beliefs, mood, and day-to-day activities

• A sleep diary that you and your child would be asked to keep for 10 days about your child’s sleep, symptoms, and activities

• A wrist watch that your child would be asked to wear for 10 days to measure sleep and movement


Families who participate in this study may receive up to $300 in gift cards to thank them for their time.

If you and your child join the study, you can decide to stop at any time for any reason. If you decide to stop, you would need to talk to one of our study team members.

For a detailed description of what would be involved if you and your child decide to participate, please read the study consent and assent form.


Welcome to the SLEEPSMART Program for Children with Arthritis and Their Parents! Sleep problems are common in children — 25-30% of children with arthritis report problems with sleep. Arthritis can further disrupt sleep. 


In the SLEEPSMART study, we are developing a web-based intervention to provide children with arthritis and their parents with the knowledge and tools to help children with arthritis sleep better.  The web-based intervention is a shared child-parent management program to promote sleep. The SLEEPSMART intervention will include:


  • Weekly modules (30 to 35 minutes each week) for children and their parent to do together. 

  • The weekly modules will involve listening to voice over power points, brief quizzes, and you tube videos.

  • Children will receive weekly activities that involve completing worksheets and reading handouts.

  • Parents will also receive weekly activities that involve completing worksheets intended to describe their role and responsibilities for supporting their child's weekly activities each week.

What will happen if we take part in the SLEEPSMART study?

The SLEEPSMART study is funded by the NIH/National Institute of Nursing Research, and the principle investigator is Teresa Ward, PhD, RN, FAAN.


Thank you for your interest in our study!

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us —

By Email: Ching Hung at 

By Phone: 206-685-321

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